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How To Organize Your Wedding Day For Success

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Getting married is one of the most special moments of a couple. It is a celebration with great enthusiasm where the bride and groom are the protagonists. If you have just committed to marriage, you should know that the preparation and celebration of a wedding day requires time and details that you can not ignore, so we want to give you some ideas on how to organize a wedding and original wedding decoration ideas. In the United States, weddings are usually held between the months of March to October, which are the best months, although in recent times, some couples get married in the winter months. One of the reasons is that they think that the celebration is cheaper.

How to Organize a Wedding Step by Step?

To organize their wedding day, the bride and groom must be clear that they have a huge challenge ahead of them. Organization, theme, and design will be the key to the success of the wedding. The first thing is to set a budget. Know how much money you have, not only for the banquet and the celebration, but also for the extra expenses such as the photographer, the honeymoon and the rest of the vendors, so that the wedding goes great without too many hitches. Having an expense ceiling is important so that it does not get out of hand. You also have to define the date, time, place of celebration and the number of guests.

The Guest List

You should consider flexibility in dates, as sometimes the one you want is not available. In addition, you have to make a first sketch of the guest list composed of family, friends and acquaintances who want to be there with you on that special day. Afterwards, you will have to decide the type of celebration you want. You will think that the wedding day preparations list has no end, but little by little you are going to have to take people and things off the list, depending on the budget.

The Exchange of Vows

If it is a civil wedding, it will cost you less because you have to show up at the courthouse with two witnesses and then you can have your celebration somewhere else. In case it is a religious marriage, the bride and groom will likely be in a church setting with family and friends witnessing the event.

The Attire

Both the bride and groom have to take time to buy their attire prior to the wedding. For the groom’s suit, it should go with his personal taste and personality. Do not take many people to try on the suite so that they do not influence the opinion. For the bride, be advised by professionals regarding the color and cut of the dress. Do not look at only the fact that it is cheap. However, it must be comfortable and good quality. Try on the dress, walk in it, look in the mirror and see if you see yourself in that dress on your wedding day.

Wedding Theme

Choose the style of the wedding: country, boho, vintage, botanical, romantic or maybe your thing is beach weddings. It is important to have it clear, not only to choose the wedding decoration or the rest of the details, but also so that the place of celebration is what the bride and groom are looking for. Hire an event planner or a specialist, to make sure that the wedding day decoration is impeccable and has a wow factor. Hire someone who has done event planning for a number of years and knows how to decorate the place you have chosen for the reception.

The Decorations

Wedding decoration is vital, so make sure your event planner chooses the color palette and the type of wedding decoration according to the chosen theme. Among the decorative details, the wedding lighting, figures, posters and stationery, flowers, petals for the departure of the bride and groom, the welcome corner, fabrics, paths, balloons, ornaments for the table, gifts, garlands are details that need to be at your wedding. For the flowers, choose seasonal ones so that they are better preserved. Organizing a simple wedding step by step or more elaborate is not difficult. It is best to have clear ideas, although you can also count on a wedding planner to help you have everything under control.

Start Organizing

The best time to start organizing the wedding day is once you say yes to the groom. You should already have a theme and location in mind. The sooner you start, the sooner you will decide on everything that will make your wedding one of the most important days of your life.

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